Saturday, April 18, 2009

What have I got to resist?

If you are reading this, "Welcome!" If you are a friend, you've likely been "priveleged" to hear some of my many pontifications on any given subject - Conservative Christians, Walker County (where "Jerry Springer" is just another talk show!), the state of popular music, etc. As you can see, I love to vent!

Maybe it's because, at 45, I am creeping up on Crumudgeon age. I've always aspired to be that old man in the neighborhood who is crusty but loveable once you get to know him, the "Good ol' Mr. Wilson" to 21st century "Dennises."

I think, if you'll excuse any haughtiness you might read into my words, that I just expect more of people than they seem willing to give. This isn't entitlement, I don't expect them to give more to me. I just expect them to give more to living in general - give more to their own education, give more civility, give more care to their children, give better customer service (don't get me started!), give more to their faith.

So, I'm going to use this space to call us to more!

What have I got to resist? Resist the mediocre crap that most people settle for these days! I mean, why listen to rap when you can listen to people who actually know how to play an instrument (like bluegrass)? Why read People Magazine when you could at least read Newsweek or Time or, dare I say, The Economist? Anything that makes you think more than wondering what Lindsay Lohan is up to!

If you are one of my brothers or sisters in the ministry, you know we have a lot to resist. We are being subjected to the oppression of "Effectiveness." Granted, I want to be a good pastor; and, I think I am. But, the powers that be define "Effectiveness" so narrowly that only a lucky few can ever achieve it. God has so much more in store for us! God has such a huge definition of "Effectiveness" (maybe so huge as to render the word meaningless?), that our feeble attempts reek of Pharasaical judgement and idolatry.

If you read this, know that I love you. Thank you for reading. Respond, comment, share it on facebook, do whatever you youngsters do with this infernal thing! See, I've got this crumudgeon stuff down!



  1. I can tell this is gonna be good. Bring on the rants brother Earl.

  2. just asking10:14 PM

    What if soneone reads The Economist and keeps tabs on what LiLo is wearing?

  3. Do you really think the denizens of Walker County have ANYTHING on those of Winston?

    Reading People is educational. But not so much as US Weekly which has the very informative weekly feature, "Stars! They're Just Like Us" and then contains pictures of things like George Clooney pumping gas and Jennifer Garner buying Pampers. It's riveting.